Motherhood Talk Radio hosted by Sandra Beck, Christy Holly, and Doris Rivas-Brekke welcome Janine Wilburn of Touch.Nology, August 23

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Touch-Nology manufactures patent-pending, Connection Kits and Products designed to bring resiliency, connection, communication and healing to families in challenging situations.

Touch.Nology developed Kits to help Service Members and Military Families build Resiliency before, during and after deployment. The kits contain a number of different types of products—all designed to work together over time. To date, upwards of 170,000 Service Members and Military Families have received Kits and responded with very positive reviews. Hundreds and hundreds of heartfelt emails have poured in from Service Members in Iraq and Afghanistan and their Families here at home.

Janine’s first hand experience with the importance of resiliency inspired these products. She began creating them as she worked to recover from severe spinal injury, during which portions of her upper body, including her hands and arms were paralyzed.  Janine used these tools on her personal path to recovery and still uses them everyday.

From early on in her career, Janine has been passionate about making a difference with people through caring, creativity and insight. Whether it was television and radio reporting for ABC in Madison, WI…hosting a radio show in Italy… authoring a book on sports families… starting the Family Achievement Center…marketing consulting in Bulgaria (for the U.S. Government) to help new businesses compete in the global marketplace… or lecturing, Janine has been connecting with people in special ways for years.
In the corporate world, she was recognized with a number of awards including: Gold & Bronze Lions from the Cannes Film Festival, a Clio, an EFFIE, an Addy and a HUGO. She also received acclaim as one of ten artists selected nationally to participate in the victim advocacy show at the Carrie Secrist Gallery.  Her piece “Broken Lady” was published in the Chicago Reader.  Janine is a working mixed media artist selling her work privately and at galleries across the country. She lives in San Francisco with her husband, Darryl and son, Christian and is a regular volunteer at her son’s school.  In her private time, she is an avid Iyengar yoga practitioner. Janine is enthusiastic about her newest products, which are designed to help teach children and teens to write.  She looks forward to working with school systems across the country.

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Motherhood Talk Radio Presents Bob Woolsey, advocate for women – Aug. 3rd

Bob Woolsey graduated from the University of Northern Colorado in 1978 with a major in Speech Communications. He then joined the U.S. Coast Guard where he served with several honors. He has owned internet companies, manufacturing and unique companies who under Bob’s tutelage became very successful and some not so successful. His most successful company is a week long acting camp for children between the ages of 5 and 12 with camp all around the western part of the country.

Bob Woolsey, Women Are Our Future, Advocacy for WomenHe has made movies, been an actor, professor and a paralegal. He has given speeches ranging from acting in film to film history to the future of new media. Recently, he has been speaking about the virtues of women running the world.

He was sexually abused as a child.  He has spoken to over 100,000 people on the issues and has sat down and spoke to over 1,000 women one to one regarding this issue. He understands what has gone on with those who are first victims then survivors and then hopefully thrivers. He speaks at colleges regarding this issue as well.

His mother helped raise a young man who was on the both debate team and the rape crisis team in college.  Bob is also one of the few males who know where most of the women’s battered shelters are located.

Bob believes if women ran the world rather than rule it, we would have a better place to live. He believes women have the ability to share, respect and speak the truth.

Paul Petersen, formerly an actor with the Donna Reed Show and now a child advocate says this of Bob, “When Bob Woolsey feels the need to rally the troops around a just cause it’s a good idea to pay attention. Core issues that affect us all are on Bob’s table, and none more important than the Gender Issue.

Motherhood Talk Radio is powered by Motherhood Incorporated, bringing you the most powerful voice in women’s issues today. Motherhood Talk Radio airs on every Tuesday, 3 pm pst, 6 pm eastern.

Motherhood Talk Radio Presents Robin Boyd, Elder Caregiver, Tuesday 5/18/2010 3 pm pst

Robin Boyd has a wide range of expertise and experiences she readily shares with anyone and everyone.  Originally majoring in Early Childhood Ed. with a minor in Communications, she has enjoyed years as a substitute teacher in her community of Hooksett, New Hampshire.  Since, she has spent years diverting from her work with children to business administration and graphic art.  She and her husband co-owned a business for just over 10 years. 

Volunteering has always been an important component to Robin’s life, having been a member of the Girl Scouts of the USA for 34 years and currently remains as service unit manager to troops in her community.  For her years of dedication to the Girl Scouts and many other charitable organizations, the town of Hooksett named her Citizen of the Year in 2009. 

In recent years Robin has focused on her graphic arts skills working for Motherhood Incorporated.  This virtual work is perfect for her family obligations as she is a full time caretaker for her elderly mother.  Robin and her husband Stephen have been married for 33 years and their two grown children, Ross and Emily, have busy careers and live nearby.

Motherhood Talk Radio is powered by Motherhood Incorporated, bringing you the most powerful voice in women’s issues today.  Motherhood Talk Radio airs on every Tuesday, 3 pm pst, 6 pm eastern.

Motherhood Incorporated launches Motherhood Talk Radio on Toginet

Motherhood Incorporated

Motherhood Incorporated is pleased to announce that starting in April, 2010 Motherhood Talk Radio will appear on the Internet through the combined efforts of Toginet and Motherhood Incorporated. 

 The show will be hosted by Sandra Beck and Christy Holly and will explore the issues facing mothers today.

Stay tuned for more information coming soon about this exciting new offering by Motherhood Incorporated.