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March 27 – Sandra welcomes guest co-host Danee Kiernan

Danee Kiernan is the co author of Bouncing with Style.  In this project, Danee Kiernan and Sandra Beck partner to share their discovery of stepping stones and successful strategies from women who have experienced hardship and traveled the road to recovery with conviction and confidence.

March 20 – Sandra and Christy welcome Michael Russer of Live Outrageously

Michael J. Russer is an author, coach and speaker for the Live Outrageously movement. He helps people navigate through change, transition and adjusting to a new normal. With 40 years of corporate, entrepreneurial and life skills experience, he can shed new light onto one of the most common aspects of military life: change.

March 13 – Sandra and Robin welcome Patricia Mellor, CEO of the Girl Scouts of the Green and White Mountains

This week marks the 100th anniversary of the dream of one woman hoping to make a difference in the world. Patricia Mellor, CEO of the Girl Scouts of the Green and White Mountains, discusses the unique aspects of Girl Scouting, why it has stayed strong for 100 years, and the initiatives that will launch the organization into the new century helping girls develop into strong leaders of tomorrow.

March 6 – Sandra and Christy  – Women’s Fitness Series

Join Sandra Beck and Christy Holly on Motherhood Talk Radio as they focus on finding time for fitness.

February 28 – Susan Sladcik Wilson, Beadphoria

Beadphoria is dedicated to the enhancement and empowerment of one’s mind, body, & spirit through the use of beading and jewelry design

February 21 – Kathleen Rodgers, Womens Health Series

Kathleen shares that she is a recovered bulemic, and feels she has a responsibility to shed light on the darkness of what bulimia is. It is a dark and deadly eating disorder, and she battled it for 15 years. Through Her War, Her Voice she has and is spreading hope to those who are suffering.

February 14 – Lisa Detres, Faith Series

Motherhood Talk Radio celebrates Valentine’s Day with today’s theme, Love Is A Verb.

February 7 – Tracy Costan, Movement Series

Tracy is a belly dance instructor, and has been in love with the music, costumes and music from the moment she started.  She teaches enrichment classes trying to incorporate  a unique style of modern Egyptian, Arabic and Spanish dance moves into the choreographies. She likes using a variety of music, dance moves and musicians for performances. Her goal is to teach this very feminine, beautiful and difficult dance in a community that has never experienced this before.

January 31 – Susan Haid, Peace Out Project

THE PEACE OUT PROJECT™: A hip, interactive, kid-friendly program that builds peaceful relationships through awareness, balance and creative expression.   The PEACE OUT PROJECT is designed not only to inspire but to create the platform for conflict resolution and positive change for kids, paretns, caregivers, teachers, schools, communities and beyond.

January 24 – Danee Kiernan of Bouncing With Style

Danee Kiernan is the co author of Bouncing with Style.  In this project, Danee Kiernan and Sandra Beck partner to share their discovery of stepping stones and successful strategies from women who have experienced hardship and traveled the road to recovery with conviction and confidence.  The result is a culmination of real life recommendations designed to help others navigate life’s challenges with grace and style.

January 17 – Donna A. Lewis , Reply All, and Clare Carver of the Big Table Farm

 Donna Lewis is an attorney with the Department of Homeland Security.  Donna litigated in the private sector for over a decade before turning her attention to legal and policy issues related to national security.  Donna is not funny or interesting at all by day.

Outside of the office, Donna is an advocate on behalf of persons with disabilities and has a particular interest in the issues facing those transitioning from crisis back into the workforce. Donna is currently writing (and drawing) Reply All, a daily comic strip syndicated by the Washington Post Writers Group.Donna is currently writing (and drawing) Reply All, a daily comic strip syndicated by the Washington Post Writers Group.

Big Table Farm is the collaborative effort of Brian Marcy and Clare Carver.
A winemaker and an artist, they grow and produce what we love to eat and drink.

The farm and winery is named after their desire to provide a gracious and welcoming table for themselves and friends, with a cornucopia of hand-crafted food and wine.

January 10 – Carole St. Jean, cancer survivor

Carole St. Jean of Hooksett, New Hampshire is a three-time breast cancer survivor, and is the utmost example of hope personified.  Each bout of cancer brought out a different strength in Carole; having to dig deeper into her soul and coming up with what it takes to make it through and survive.  Networking with someone who was going through the same thing, Carole says, was critical in getting her through it all.  Carole is married, a mother of two grown and married children with five grandchildren whom she is thankful each day to be healthy and able to baby sit for.

January 3 – Suzy Manning of

Suzy Manning has lived into her description at birth from her parents – “tiny, but mighty”. For over 30 years, she has dedicated her life to transforming women’s lives. She believes that life is a journey of personal evolution. Every day we have choice to ask powerful questions to overcome limiting beliefs to create the life we deserve. When a woman pursues her passion, she becomes ageless. Abundance flows into her life as creativity, happiness, relationships, optimal health, and financial freedom!

She has inspired women to feel good in their bodies with her own fitness program. She has facilitated seminars and retreats for women to renew, to re-energize, and to reward themselves for their uniqueness. Her articles on women’s wisdom have appeared in Healing Garden Journal and phenomeNEWS. Wise Women – Circle of Wisdom is her international selling inspirational gift book.


December 13 – Carrie Benuska of Teles Properties Pasadena

Carrie Benuska is a wife, a mother of three young adults, and a successful Residential Realtor with Teles Properties in Pasadena, California.  After graduating from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, with a BS in Industrial Engineering in 1987, Carrie married her college sweetheart, Kal, and worked for a short time as a systems consultant for a large international firm.

Although life in the business world was exciting, she soon took on the role of full-time mom when her first daughter was born in 1991.  During the early years of motherhood, Carrie juggled her home responsibilities with a part-time bookkeeping business.  Once her kids reached their elementary school years, Carrie plunged herself into volunteering in the classroom and for the PTA in her hometown of San Marino.  When her youngest daughter was in junior high, Carrie launched her business in residential real estate. Carrie has truly found her calling as a Realtor yet loves having the ability to work around the needs of her family.

December 6 – Lia Colabello of Ecohashi

WHAT IS ECOHASHI?  It’s a fun and fashionable cloth napkin wrapped around reusable bamboo chopsticks.  When it’s time to eat, reach for your ecohashi instead of disposable chopsticks or plastic utensils.  After using, toss ecohashi in the washing machine and the chopsticks in the sink.

November 29 – Linda Franklin of the Real Cougar Woman

The Real Cougar woman realizes that she, and she alone, is responsible for everything in her life.   Just like an artist, she sits in front of a blank canvas every day and creates her reality. Linda retells her story, “Every woman, whether she realizes it or not, has a Real Cougar just waiting to be unleashed. Living your life as a smart, sexy, independent woman is the best gift you can give yourself.

November 22 – holiday encore

November  15 – Doris Rivas Brekke, Losing your home with grace

Doris Rivas-Brekke, creator of Daily Dialogue with Doris and roving reporter for Military Mom Talk Radio and Motherhood Talk Radio.  Recently, as a reporter on her “News You Can Use” segment, Doris Rivas-Brekke has been reporting on such topics homeless veterans to the collecting coupon-craze.   On this week’s show, Doris Rivas-Brekke talks about a topic that is touching many American lives today; the issue of “home foreclosure”.  Doris talks about her personal experience with losing her home through foreclosure and how to get through this life changing experience with grace and hope.

November 8 – Danee Kiernan, Bouncing with Style

Danee Kiernan is the co author of Bouncing with Style.  In this project, Danee Kiernan and Sandra Beck partner to share their discovery of stepping stones and successful strategies from women who have experienced hardship and traveled the road to recovery with conviction and confidence.  The result is a culmination of real life recommendations designed to help others navigate life’s challenges with grace and style.

Danee Kiernan is the owner of Aris Partners, Inc., an executive recruiting firm and Tablefor14, an adoption advocacy group.  As an advocate for the rights of women and children, Danee Kiernan supports Heifer International, Children Uniting Nations, World of Children, FRUA (Families for Russian and Ukrainian Adoption), LAAF (Latin American Adoptive Families), Voices United as well as other organizations committed to the well-being of women and children.

November 1 – Rural Orphans and Womens AIDS Network

Pastor Paul Nyende founded ROWAN Uganda in 2004. As head pastor of the Church of God in the village of Mawanga, he also fills leadership roles at the public school, in the local work of Compassion International, at the Mawanga Clinic, and with Church of God missionaries.

October 25 – Kevin B. Hull, PhD.

Kevin worked for several years in community mental health centers around the Lakeland area with children, families, and adults in several different settings. He joined the private practice of Linda Compton, P.A. in 2000 after becoming licensed and began working with children, adolescents, families, couples, and individual adults in the private practice arena. Kevin became owner of Hull and Associates, P.A. in 2007 and specializes in trauma work with children and adolescents, as well as working with children, adolescents, and adults diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome and high functioning autism. Kevin was a an adjunct professor for Webster University’s Master’s of Counseling Lakeland Campus for eight years and currently teaches for Liberty University’s Online Master’s program.

October 18 – Laura Garber of Cinderella 11pm is all about bringing magic into women’s everyday lives. It is a blog where they celebrate everyone’s inner princess. is a place you go to be listened to and appreciated for all of things you do and are!  It is about uncovering, discovering and experiencing the magic in everyday life; as well as sharing about the occasional frog that no amount of kissing will turn into a prince.

There are posts about tantalizing travel destinations, good food, and shared thoughts on everything from gratitude to books, movies and music. It is a place to make new friends and lots of room for you to leave your comments on the posts that move you.

October 11 – Mark Williams – Leadership and Team Building

Mark worked as an agent for Keller Williams while helping them develop offices and recruiting agents for new offices in Beverly Hills, Hollywood Hills and Sherman Oaks and Studio City. 2010 Mark was branch manager for the office in Studio City growing office and taking it to top producing office in the company and building agent base from 90 to 150.

Once he got that office up and running Mark went back to doing what he loves most which is selling real estate in 2011 and is now a top agent in all of Southern California.  Mark continues to spend much time with his parents and sister and nieces who live in Minnesota and enjoys playing ice hockey and bass fishing in his free time!

October 4 – Guest Emily Poirier, Make Up Artist

Emily Poirier brings her fun-loving perspective and her carefully crafted skill to any look she creates.  From proms to formal events, from Halloween parties to movie sets, Emily’s years of experience will design any look you want.

Halloween is often a tradition that both kids and adults enjoy and don costumes and alter egos.  Emily has advice for parents wanting to avoid costume masks, or for adults wanting to add a little more extreme look to their costume.  Emily also offers advice on makeup trends for fall, and good skin care, which is the basis of all looks.

September 27 Show – Guest Janet Perez Eckles, author of Simply Salsa

Janet Perez Eckles author of Simply Salsa – Dancing without Fear at God’s Fiesta.  Her life has had numerous trials to overcome – physical blindness, marital infidelity, financial devastation, the loss of her son and the acquittal of the man responsible.

But rather than despair, Christ’s love ushered victory for each battle, giving her wisdom to overcome adversity, rekindling her zeal for life and ushering peace for each moment. These victories sparked her mission to inspire and encourage others.

Read more about Janet at

September 20 Show – Anita Mellott author of School is Where the Home Is: 180 Devotions for Parents

Anita Mellot believes and has experienced that “though weeping may last for the night, joy comes in the morning.” So she writes and speaks of hope in spite of life’s challenges. You can find her at

September 13 Show – Encore of July 12 Show

September 6 Show – Nicky VanValkenburgh, Train Your Brain: Transform Your LIfe

Nicky VanValkenburgh is the author of Train Your Brain, Transform Your Life: Conquer Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in 60 Days, Without Ritalin.’  This book was selected as “Best Motivational Book” by the Reader’s Favorites and “Best Self Improvement Book of 2011” by the Mom’s Choice Awards. Author Nicky VanValkenburgh is a motivational writer with 20 years experience writing for newspapers and magazines.

August 30 Show – Ivy Slater of Slater Success Coaching

Ivy Slater, founder of Slater Success Coaching, is a successful business woman, entrepreneur and founder of  Slater Graphics, a promotional printing company established in 1993.  She is also a wife,  mother of two teenagers and dedicated daughter.

Slater Success Coaching was founded on the principles of assisting clients to define their GOALS and CREATE A PATHWAY TO  ACHIEVE these GOALS. Through continued SUPPORT the client is taken through a step by step process to reach and fulfill their defined goals.

August 23 Show – Janine Wilburn of Touch.Nology

In 2005, Janine Wilburn co-founded and became the Chief Creative Officer of Touch.Nology Holdings LLC – a socially responsible, Communications Company committed to making a difference.
Touch-Nology manufactures patent-pending, Connection Kits and Products designed to bring Resiliency, connection, communication and healing to families in challenging situations.

Touch.Nology developed Kits to help Service Members and Military Families build Resiliency before, during and after deployment. The kits contain a number of different types of products-all designed to work together over time. To date, upwards of 170,000 Service Members and Military Families have received Kits and responded with very positive reviews. Hundreds and hundreds of heartfelt emails have poured in from Service Members in Iraq and Afghanistan and their Families here at home.

Find out more at

August 16 Show – Women Just Do It Better

Okay so this is no man-hater show, but honestly there are some areas that women just do it better.  Of course not every woman in every situation, but according to a recent ABC News report women consistently show better results in many unexpected areas.  Tune in to see what the girls are up to and why in some areas Women Just Do It Better.

August 9 Show – Doris Rivas-Brekke – Inspiration

United States Army Veteran, entrepreneur/business owner, budding author, public relations/marketing consultant, garden design consultant, college graduate, recently widowed, a recovering alcoholic and soon-to-be radio talk show host of the new show “Daily Dialogue with Doris.” Doris Rivas-Brekke has been to the mountain top and has plunged to the deepest and darkest hole of alcohol addiction!  She has triumphantly emerged from addiction and is now reaching out to help others with their life problems through her new show “Daily Dialogue with Doris.” The show will highlight on how to deal with life’s trials and tribulations through a faith-based ideology.  Doris is especially interested in sharing her recovery experience with Dr.Charles Gant’s “End Your Addiction Now” program.

Visit Doris’ web site:

August 2 Show – Motherhood Talk Radio presents 100 Top iPhone Apps

Christy Holly shares her two new hot fitness reads Prevention’s Walk Off Weight, and  Glutes! 21 Ways to Sculpt your Gorgeous Glutes Now. Sandra Beck plans to talk about the 100 100 Fabulous iPhone Apps for Your Health and Fitness and the ones she uses to support her last 25 pound loss!

July 19 Show – Alison Rhodes, The Safety Mom

Alison Rhodes, The Safety Mom, has exploded onto the national scene as the preeminent voice on safety, wellness and healthy living. From environmental toxins and healthy eating to sports injuries and cyber bullying, The Safety Mom is always on the lookout for the issues facing children – newborns to teens – as well as the entire family.

Alison’s ability to connect with parents in a down-to-earth, uplifting and engaging manner while providing important information has made Alison a sought-after guest on many national television shows including The Today Show, Fox & Friends, CNN International, CNBC Squawk Box, Good Morning America and The Doctors.

Learn more from Alison at

July 12 Show – Guest Danee Kiernan – author Bouncing With Style

As an author, speaker, parent and entrepreneur, Danee Kiernan enjoys her busy life as much as she enjoys sharing stories of the heart with others.  Whether she is writing, conversing one on one, or presenting to a large group, Danee shares her belief that destiny is a matter of choice, not chance. Her strategies for emotional survival, personal empowerment and engagement in life, stem from not only her own experiences, but also the life journeys shared by others along the way.

Danee Kiernan is the co-author of Bouncing with Style.  In this project, Danee Kiernan and Sandra Beck partner to share their discovery of stepping stones and successful strategies from women who have experienced hardship and traveled the road to recovery with conviction and confidence.  The result is a culmination of real life recommendations designed to help others navigate life’s challenges with grace and style.

You can reach Danee Kiernan at

July 5 Show – Guests Tait and Lauren Zimmerman, preemie parents

Founders of The Little Tait Foundation, the Zimmermans bring awareness to premature infant complications and the emotional and financial challenges on their families.

June 28 Show – Tracy Costan of Best Belly – the joy of Belly Dancing

Tracy incorporates  a unique style of modern Egyptian, Arabic and Spanish dance moves into her choreographies. She uses a variety of music, dance moves and musicians for performances. Her goal is to teach this very feminine, beautiful and difficult dance in a community that has never experienced this before.

June 21 Show Pat Sloan, quilt designer, author, and publisher

Pat Sloan has been creating since she was a child.  From the first shoebox dioramas to sketches for a fabric line, there has always been creative energy flowing.  When she tried her hand at quilting in 1985, she never looked back.  Now, owner and founder of the quilting design and publishing company Pat Sloan & Co., she has published over 20 books, more than 100 patterns, nearly 10 fabric lines, and has had her work featured in many of our magazines.

June 14 ShowRona Brynin, nutritionist and health expert

Rona is a Professor at Antelope Valley College, teaching various Nutrition classes (general nutrition, nutrition for children, sports nutrition).  She is also a Personal trainer.  Her passion is helping people get fit, have more energy, feel healthier through healthier food habits and helping clients incorporate exercise into their daily lives and learning how to enjoy being active!

June 7 ShowKerika Fields, author of He’s Gone, You’re Back!

It is Kerika’s philosophy that a breakup can be a transformative time as it encourages self reflection, growth and the freedom to be fearless  when it comes to relationships and all other aspects of your life. It worked for Kerika! After her breakup she started the ARRC Foundation with her family, finally finished her undergraduate degree, and wrote her book, “He’s Gone, You’re Back!”

May 31 ShowRachel Braun Scherl, founder of Semprae Laboratories

Rachel joined forces with colleague Mary Wallace Jaensch to co-found The Hannick Group, LLC/SPARK Solutions for Growth.  Over the course of a decade, the firm provided guidance and expertise to Fortune 100 firms, including multiple divisions and operating companies of Johnson & Johnson, Wyeth, Deloitte & Touche, and GlaxoSmithKline.

In the latest chapter of its two principals’ 11-year partnership, The Jannick Group teamed with Quaker BioVentures in 2008 to create Semprae Laboratories, Inc. and focus on developing and marketing women’s sexual health products.  As President, Rachel is building on her track record of success, developing teams committed to creating a company that provides essential sexual satisfaction and health products and services to women.

May 24 Show – Guest Dawn Kennedy about Teens who Self Injure

Dawna Kennedy, a graduate of Antelope Valley College and mother of six  ranging in age from 12 to 27 talking candidly about teens who cut and self-injure.  She has experience with Antelope Valley Hospital along with working for a private psychologist specializing in family issues.  She explains to us why teens self-injure as well as focusing on positive ways to help them deal with stress and develope a plan to keep your teen safe.

May 17 Show – Linda Franklin/The Real Cougar Woman is a 5-carat diamond with each of the 5-carats representing an essential facet of her life.   The 5-carats are:  health, beauty, relationships, finance and spirituality. Achieving clarity in all 5 carats insures she will shine just like a perfectly-cut diamond.

The Real Cougar woman realizes that she, and she alone, is responsible for everything in her life.   Just like an artist, she sits in front of a blank canvas every day and creates her reality.

 May 10 Show – Trish Ruben of EdVentures Group –  Trish Rubin is a business development consultant, speaker and writer. With more than twenty-five years experience as a communications professional and trainer, she works across the USA and internationally, partnering with Business, Education and Not-for-Profit organizations. Her work takes her to boardrooms, to business venues, conferences, classrooms and to communities worldwide. Her mission is to promote active and continuous learning “Edventures” in organizations through Relational Communication Skill Training.

 May 3 Show – Tricia LaVoice and Barbara Lazaroff of “Wishes for a Mother’s Heart” a book Barbara co-authored with Tricia LaVoice was released in May 2010. With support, devotion and wisdom, the book is a tribute to women of all ages; honoring the significant connections that bond them over the events in their lives. Predicated on Tricia’s collection of original “Wishes,” Barbara responds with pragmatic suggestions to create a more Wishes for a Mother’s Heart is a tribute to women of all ages.

Wishes for a Mother’s Heart is a timeless collection of poetic Wishes, original reflections, and pragmatic suggestions for a more fulfilling and purposeful life. This Hay House published book is an inspirational memoir of the joys and tribulations of motherhood. In alignment with all Hay House books, Wishes for a Mother’s Heart,  is an inspirational book that addresses some of the most difficult and joyous moments a mother, sister, or friend can face.

April 26 Show – Susan Haid shares information and support regarding bullying.  Everyone is bullied at some point in their life. If can be by another person, a family member, a coach, a coworker, boss, spouse even a child.  Bullying can take many forms emotional, spiritual, financial and physical.  Join Sandra Beck, Christy Holly and Rick Swanson as the trio discuss their lives and solutions to the bullying of family, friends and children from their unique perspectives as a single working mother, stay at home mother and single man.   For more info about Susan, visit

April 19 Show – Join Sandra, Christy and Rick as the trio discuss their lives and solutions to many of the worries they face as a single working mother, stay at home mother and single person.  They share their insights, their experiences and their witty insights into life on the Fear Show.

April 12 Show –  Created by Dr. Mike Moreno, The 17 Day Diet has been featured on The Doctors and the Dr. Phil Show. The 17 Day Diet is a weight loss plan that was initially created to avoid the holiday weight gain. But the beauty about the diet is that it can be used at any time throughout the year to shed a few pounds.

April 5 Show – The Change Show – how to rebound and recover from change.  Expected or unexpected… prepared or not, change inevitably hits us all.,,

March 29 Show – Susan A. Haid, B.S.N., M.A.., is the Creator of Lily’s Truth. The project was originally inspired by her three beautiful children. Susan’s vision was to build a body of knowledge for young people that would provide them with the tools necessary to become empowered individuals.  Amy Ronan of Fight of your Lice discussed Head Lice and the treatment options. To learn more about her and her treatments go to

March 22 Show –  Shefali’s latest book, The Conscious Parent, describes an innovative parenting style recognizing the child’s potential to spark a deep soul-searching leading to transformation in parents. Instead of being merely the receiver of the parents’ psychological and spiritual legacy, children function as ushers of the parent’s development Learn more about her work and her book at:

March 15 Show – Christy and Sandra are ramping up the fit to strip workout in prepartion for their Las Vegas trip in April. But don’t ask either of them about it because they are both so hungry and crappy from dieting that they will rip your face off for lunch.  Tune in to hear more..if you dare.

March 8 Show – The Relationship Series continues as Sandra, Christy and Rick discuss what makes relationships work or what probably causes them to not work.  Guest Konna Dennedy gives her thoughts on her 450 year marriage, and Christy continues to make Sandra’s eyes roll because her relationship continues to be perfect bliss.

March 1 Show – The Wedding Show!  Join Sandra, Christy and Rick for a heart to heart to heart discussion about weddings – attending them, having them, and getting over them!

February 22 Show – Thought leader, Rosalene Glickman, Ph.D. is Sandra and Christy’s guest, and is the creator and best-selling author of Optimal Thinking, hailed by academia and the media as “the successor to positive thinking” and “the essential ingredient for best practices in personal, interpersonal, and organizational optimization.”   For more information on Dr. Glickman’s work, visit

February 15 Show – Sandra, Christy, and Rick share Valentine sentiments, opinions, and attitudes as only these three can do! Good friends spill about anything and everything!

February 8 Show – Designer Suzann Sladcik Wilson pays a return visit to Motherhood Talk Radio, sharing with Sandra and Christy what’s new in her business and her trip to LA with the Craft and Hobby Trade Show.  For more information on Suzann’s jewelry,visit

February 1 Show

January 25 Show

January 18 Show – Sandra and  Christy share a wonderful visit talking about families and siblings with Susan A. Haid, B.S.N., M.A.., the creator of Lily’s Truth. The project was originally inspired by her three beautiful children. Susan’s vision was to build a body of knowledge for young people that would provide them with the tools necessary to become empowered individuals. Eventually, with great perseverance, Lily’s Truth was carefully written and artfully set to book & DVD.   Sandra admits to feeling a special part of Susan’s project in that she and Susan are sisters.  A special hour with a special guest.  For more information on Lily’s Truth, visit

January 11 Show – Sandra, Christy and Rick welcome Chef Tracy Fleming of Stewart and Clark Fine Foods to the show.  Chef Tracy and her husband Glenn produce exquisite gourmet treats, scrumptious desserts, and a catering business as well as manage the Fiero Cafe in San Luis Obispo, CA.  For more information on their incredible products, or to find more info on Fiero Cafe, visit

January 4 Show – Happy New Year from the hosts of Motherhood Talk Radio!  This show brings the team together to share their holiday events, share their hopes for the new year, and the promise to keep each other on their toes each day.  Good friends sharing good things!!

December 14 Show – Happy Holidays from the hosts at Motherhood Talk Radio. This week, Sandra, Christy, Rick and Robin will be enjoying each other and remembering the worst holiday gifts of the season…they will be recounting stories of silly christmas pasts.

Enjoy the holidays!  Enjoy your family and friends and the blessings of the season.

December 7 Show –  Kitty Morse of Heirloom Wooden Toys is a wife and mom of 2 teenagers, 16 and 13.  She’s a CPA and after spending a few years at home with her kids, working part time, she owns Heirloom Wooden Toys and has been having a great time with it!

Sandra Beck, Christy Holly and Rick Swanson will open the show by talking about guilty pleasures – which naturally bring us to talking about toys – no not that kind…but the best, brightest and most popular toys of the 2010 shopping season!

For more information, visit

November 30 Show – Hosts Sandra Beck and Christy Holly are helping you “Get Through the Holidays” with their guests: nutritionist Rona Brynin, Linda Kagan of Travel Stix, and Frankie McConnel of Acton Karate.  Lots of great information, ideas, and surely lots of great conversation.

November 23 Show – Sandra and Christy welcome Carolyn Blashek, founder of Operation Gratitude, a non-profit organization that annually sends 100,000+ care packages of snacks, entertainment items and personal letters of appreciation addressed to individually named U.S. Service Members deployed in hostile regions such as Iraq and Afghanistan, and on military ships at sea.  Its mission is to lift morale, bring a smile to a service member’s face and to express to all our Armed Forces the appreciation and support of the American people.   Since its inception in March, 2003, Operation Gratitude has shipped more than 550,000 packages to American service members deployed overseas. For more information about their service, or ways you can help, visit

November 16 Show – Sandra, Christy and Rick are joined by Brette Sember, author and expert of parenting after divorce.  Brette practices law in New York specializing in representing children in custody and divorce cases.  Find more about Brette at 

November 9 Show – Guest Lou Paget, certified sex educator, author, tv host and lecturer joins Sandra and Christy for a great, informative hour of girl talk.  Lou always has a clear and practical approach to helping everyone enjoy and appreciate their most intimate moments.  For more information, visit

November 2 Show –  Sandra, Christy and Rick have a lively discussion including the midterm elections, and their Halloween party and the dynamics of party-goers behavior.

October 26 Show – Sandra Beck and Christy Holly host a busy show; Rona Brynin stops by to check on the team’s progress with their Fit To Strip challenge, Stupid Diet Guy Rick Swanson checks in.  Los Angeles realtors Lorin Ruttenberg and Monica Garcia-Grilli, The Savvy Duo, “Tell It Like It Is” with funny stories in their trade.   Realtor Bob Sokoler adds a few stories from his experiences in Louisville, KY.

October 19 Show – Sandra and Christy are joined by Rick Swanson to compare progress on their Fit To Strip Challenge.  The group talks with Rona Brynin, nutritionist, trainer and college professor, for advice to keep on how to stay on track.

October 12 Show – Sandra and Christy welcome guest Frankie McConnel of Acton Karate, talking about self defense and power through physical challenge such as karate and krav maga Frankie is a Karate and Krav Maga instructor, 5th degree black belt.  Frankie’s wife, Mandy, works for Motherhood Incorporated.

August 17 Show –  Suzann Sladcik Wilson, guest host, joins Christy to welcome Dana Rusiniak, adoption counselor from The Cradle for avery interesting and informative show about adoption.  Visit for more information about their services.

August 10 Show – Guest host Suzann Sladcik Wilson joins Christy to welcome Margot Potter, The Impatient Crafter, talking not only about her art but her wonderful point of view on life.  Margot’s website is filled with ideas and videos, pictures, books by Margot, and above all, inspiration!  Visit

August 3 Show – Guest Bob Woolsey talks about the power of women and the value of grandmothers.  Bob has owned internet companies, manufacturing and unique companies who under Bob’s tutelage became very successful and some not so successful. His most successful company is a week long acting camp for children between the ages of 5 and 12 with camp all around the western part of the country.

July 27 Show – Motherhood Talk Radio staff continues to support each other in their quest to be Fit To Strip.  Nutritionist Rona Brynin offers more helpful tips to encourage the team to stay on task.

July 20 Show – guest Dixie Coskie shares her experiences being the mother of a child with traumatic brain injury.  Her book “Unthinkable – A Mother’s Tragedy, Terror and Triumph”.

July 13 Show – Rona Brynin, nutritionist, checks in with the Motherhood Talk Radio staff as they work on their fitness challenge.

July 6 Show – Motherhood Talk Radio staff Sandra Beck, Christy Holly and Rick Swanson give each other support on their quest to Get Fit To Strip.  Co-staffer Robin Boyd joins in.

June 29 Show – Motherhood Talk Radio welcomes Beverly Allen-Ananins, corporate diversity trainer and consultant.

June 22 Show – Motherhood Talk Radio staff Sandra Beck, Christy Holly and Rick Swanson take the challenge to get “Fit To Strip”!

June 15 Show –  guest Denise Bosey, RN talks about hospitals and emergency rooms.

Denise is the busy mother of two lovely daughters, Kaylee 14 and Emily 7.  She has been married to her husband Kenneth for 10 years. In addition to keeping up with her daughter’s busy schedule she works in the intensive care unit of one of the San Fernando Valley’s busiest trauma centers where her specialty is neurotrauma.  She is also an clinical professor of nursing for a local community college, helping to shape the future of the next generation of nurses.  She is hoping to start work on her master’s degree in nursing education and a nurse practitioner’s license in the near future.

June 8 Show – MTR welcomes two guests: Richard Gonzales, USMC and Maureen McDermut, real estate professional in California.

Richard Gonzales, Wounded Warrior Battalion at Camp Pendleton, California, shares information about Freedom Service Dogs, . MTR also welcomed Maureen McDermut, Real Estate professional in California, talks about buying and selling in this economy and the impact this has on a family.  Maureen has a substantial background in both private and corporate banking and was instrumental in starting two entertainment/private banking divisions for Los Angeles area banks.

June 1 Show – guest Linda Kagan, developer of TravelStix, digital storage devices for necessary personal info while traveling.

In April 2007, prior to embarking on a lengthy business trip to Miami and then Israel, Linda crafted a document that allowed the sitter taking care of her two children to have the legal authorization to care for them, as well as the proper information to ensure their safety.
This simple parent experience was the beginning of a vision leading to the launch of in 2008 and in 2010, each of which are innovative web sites for parents and their children, grandparents, pet owners as well as a wide range of adult and teen sport adventurers and travelers.  The TravelStix™ blend today’s digital technology with the basic needs of travelers of every kind, destination and activity by making important travel and medical consent forms accessible and affordable, as well as easy to travel with in a safe and sleek design!

Linda’s background in the field of law set the stage for her current endeavor. In addition to and, she presently runs Kagan Law in midtown Manhattan.  Over the last 17 years, she has been a corporate lawyer and solo practitioner focusing on many areas of business and corporate law as well as contract litigation, both while with well known law firms, including Jones Day and LeBoeuf, Lamb, Greene & MacRae, the Law Offices of Gordon Mehler PLLC and her own firm.

Linda resides in Manhattan with her two children Sophie and Alexander.  Their names were the inspiration for Solex Enterprises, LLC, the parent company of and  Linda juggles an active schedule combining her children’s activities, coaches her son’s basketball team, teaches a class in one of New York City’s wonderful middle schools, Columbia Secondary School and enjoys traveling with her family.

Motherhood Talk Radio is powered by Motherhood Incorporated, bringing you the most powerful voice in women’s issues today.  Motherhood Talk Radio airs on every Tuesday, 3 pm pst, 6 pm eastern.

May 25 Show – guest Nicole Schwartz, “co-parenting” and the importance of medical releases.

Nicole Schwartz lives in Acton, CA with her husband Jon of 9+ years and their 2 children.  Jagger is 7 and Josie is 2.  Graduating from Simi Valley High and then attending Moorpark City College, Nicole completed her AA degree in business.

When she and Jon decided to start a family their number 1 priority was for one of them to be home with the children at all times.  Jon works at night and Nicole works for a family business selling “Employee Benefits”, medical, dental, life insurance to employers.

Nicole was able to bring both kids to work with her a day or two during the week until they reached about 2 years old.  Now she works from home one day a week.  Their parenting philosophy is based on children needing stability at home.  They admit “co-parenting” requires a lot of patience (and sometimes a bit of wine) but so worth it all.

Motherhood Talk Radio is powered by Motherhood Incorporated, bringing you the most powerful voice in women’s issues today.  Motherhood Talk Radio airs on every Tuesday, 3 pm pst, 6 pm eastern.

May 18 Show – guest Robin Boyd shares her experiences as full time elder caregiver.

Robin Boyd, full time elder caregiver, brings her experiences to Motherhood Talk Radio.  Choices that families make regarding their aging parents can be difficult, and networking with others can help make that journey more rewarding.  Prior to caring for her mom, Robin has worked in business administration, co-ownership of a business with her husband, substitute teaching and graphic art.  Now Robin continues her graphic design work virtually with Motherhood Incorporated, and finds time to volunteer for numerous organizations in her community.   Robin and her husband of 33 years, Stephen, live in New Hampshire and have two grown children.

May 11 Show – guest Lisa Detres discusses family spirituality and life as a pastor’s wife.  Visit

Shepherd of the Hills at Agua Dulce is a satellite campus of Shepherd of the Hills Church in Porter Ranch. You are welcome every Sunday at 34709 Agua Dulce Canyon Rd., Agua Dulce, CA 91390, for live worship and Pastor Dudley’s weekly sermons presented via video. Worship services are held at 9:00 am and 10:30 am, with children’s programs available at both services, and a youth service at 9:00 am only. A pastor is on site each weekend and available for your questions or comments.
Please contact Al Detres for more information at 661.268.1488.

May 4 Show – Lou Paget, lecturer, author, and sex educator.

Lou Paget is a Certified Sex Educator and grassroots researcher whose quest for accurate practical information for herself has created a highly successful international seminar and product company with a focus on lifestyle and cultural trends that impact our sexuality, health and relationships. Paget began organizing her Los Angeles based women’s focus groups on sexuality and health in the early ’90s.  What she didn’t anticipate was that her small, informal discussion groups would explode into some of the most popular and revolutionary sexual forums nationally and internationally.

April 27 Show – Lisa Cypers Kamen,

Independent filmmaker Lisa Kamen produced the 10-minute short, “A Passage Through India—Diamonds in the Rough,” for her bachelor’s degree and used it successfully to raise funds for the Sulaxmi School for Girls in Lucknow, India, which her family now supports. While biking through Northern India, Kamen was struck by how, even in the presence of extreme poverty, the Indian people could express joy and genuine happiness. This is the genesis for Lisa’s master’s thesis in Spiritual Psychology—a documentary film she is co-creating with her nine year-old daughter, Kayla, who operates the camera.

April 20 Show –  Guest Suzann Sladick Wilson of Beadphoria,

Artist, Author, Educator, Consultant, Entrepreneur, and Philanthropist, Suzann Sladcik Wilson currently splits her time between Chicago, IL , Door County, WI and the occasional trip to Frankfurt, Germany. Her Blogs, articles and jewelry designs have appeared all over the web and in print. In her professional jewelry design career, she has been published in Simply Beads Magazine, Bead Trends,, and the book Earrings, Earrings, Earrings!

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