Motherhood Talk Radio hosted by Sandra Beck, Christy Holly, and Doris Rivas Brekke, welcomes Mark Williams, Leadership and Team Building Expert.

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Mark grew up inMinnesotawent to college at theUniversityofSt. Thomaswhere he was Magna Cum Laude Economics major. Moved toCaliforniashortly after college to pursue acting which eventually evolved into real estate and working for a top producing Beverly Hills Real Estate Team.  In 2004 Mark went on his own as an agent with a new company in town called Keller Williams. 

Mark worked as an agent for Keller Williams while helping them develop offices and recruiting agents for new offices inBeverly Hills, Hollywood Hills and Sherman Oaks and Studio City. 2010 Mark was branch manager for the office in Studio Citygrowing office and taking it to top producing office in the company and building agent base from 90 to 150. 

Once he got that office up and running Mark went back to doing what he loves most which is selling real estate in 2011 and is now a top agent in all of Southern California.  Mark continues to spend much time with his parents and sister and nieces who live in Minnesota and enjoys playing ice hockey and bass fishing in his free time!

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Motherhood Talk Radio Presents Beverly Allen-Ananins, diversity trainer and consultant, June 29

Beverly Allen-Ananins is President of Zia Diversity Training and provides training and consulting of diversity services for the workplace and healthcare settings.  She is also a skilled Trainer of Trainer for healthcare diversity trainings and workplace diversity issues and developed the “Systems of Cultural Care” program.  Her focus on Multicultural Management and Organizational Development arose from her years in the healthcare field and management positions. 

She received her Masters of Arts in Social Justice in Intercultural Relations Degree with a concentration in Human Resource Development and Diversity Training from The School for International Training in Brattleboro, Vermont Beverly has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Political Science and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Anthropology from Eastern New Mexico University.

Beverly was born in New Mexico though lived in many states as well as South Korea and South Africa.  It was after living in South Africa during apartheid that her life was changed with a yearning to make a difference in how people treat each other and her pursuit of Social Justice that continues to drive her today. 

Beverly Allen is also addressing health disparities by working as the Grant County Community Health Council Coordinator in Grant County New Mexico.  Recently she completed a community assessment and is working on how social determinates affect community health and is part of her current work in Social Justice for this rural border community.

Beverly shares her life with her husband Tony from Liverpool, England and three children (Amelia 5, Jude 3 and Lennon 1).  Being a full time working mother is a challenge and she seeks non-traditional solutions to make it work.  Giving speeches with a baby on her back, carrying a breast pump to meetings and dealing with a stay at home dad at the end of the day are some of the daily issues that make Beverly’s motherhood perspective unique, funny and fulfilling.

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